Inrals mentioned us in the last “FOCUS ON France” 2020


CDG Conseil is a member of the international INRALS’ network since 2013. Have a look of the last Inrals newsletter.

About the global trand and marketing life sciences data in France is a promising sector, we can see that growth is estimated at 12.5% in France between 2018 and 2023. Due to an aging population and chronic therapies, French clinical research has a very daring reputation.

Exept for a few international firms such as Sanofi / Servier / Ipsen / Biomérieux the local players are mainly SMEs/start-up with a high innovative DNA in the life sciences and e-health sectors.

France is positioned as one of the world’s leading manufacturer in the medtech, pharmaceutical, animal and cosmetic industries.

For more expert information on the French Life Sciences market and support in Life Sciences recruitment in France, contact us, CDG Conseil. INRALS: local expertise, global reach.


Clara Oriol

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