In an ever-changing recruitment market CDG CONSEIL regularly gathers information on new technologies, trends and the stakeholders involved in the market’s development.

To do so, we select and work with the best partners to give you the benefit of their expertise, their support, their innovations and the best financial conditions.

Partners in sourcing candidates

  • The media (job sites, job press, networking and referral sites, specialist blogs, trade shows and forums)
  • Networks (schools, charities, bodies, etc.)
  • Outplacement firms
  • CDG CONSEIL partner recruitment firms (in France and worldwide)
  • We are members of INRALS (International Network of Recruitment Agencies in Life Sciences

Partenaire Inrals France

Technical partners

  • software publishers (e-recruitment, human resources management systems)
  • evaluation test publishers
  • other technical partners (webmasters, SEO, digital strategy, video conferencing etc.)