Recruitment firm

Working in the medico-social and health field

Our sector-specific expertise: Medical-social and healthcare centers

Medical-social & healthcare centers

  • Care homes for the elderly (private or non-profit making) and assisted-living accommodation
  • Private clinics (public healthcare centers, follow-up care and rehabilitation and psychiatry)
  • Day care and private pre-school centers
  • Services to individuals
  • Paramedical
  • Home medical service and home hospital service

We are able to provide recruitment services within the medical-social, and healthcare industries, for the following job types:

→  Middle and Top Management jobs

  • Home managers
  • Sales managers
  • Operations and regional managers
  • Hospital professions
  • Healthcare executives (I.T. department, matron or IDEC)
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Back office functions (accounts, finance-management, human resources, quality, etc.)


Our other areas of expertise

  1. Pharmaceutical industry
  2. Cosmetics, perfumes and hygiene products
  3. Medical Equipment
Jobs offers
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