Module 2: Pool of Candidates

Stages of the process

Drawing up a job spec

Drawing up job specs for the clients according to recurrence, rarity and expertise.

Determining the means of sourcing candidates

Determining and selecting the means of sourcing candidates that can be adjusted throughout the contract.

Identifying candidates

Candidates identified by CDG Conseil or sent by the client are selected and evaluated during a telephone or face-to-face interview.

Processing and overseeing applications

Processing and overseeing applications that are unsolicited, referred or gathered at trade shows on behalf of a client.

Sending selected profiles

Sending profiles selected by CDG Conseil on a regular basis or at the client’s request.

The client can access their pool in real time

CDG Conseil can share an I.T. platform which gives the client access to their pool in real time.


Benefits for the client

  • CDG Conseil keeps a pool of rare and recurrent expert profiles for the client
  • Lower recruitment times
  • Lower recruitment costs per position
  • The client draws on the means, tools and know-how of CDG Conseil consultants specialized by business sector
  • This module is presented in the form of a monthly subscription or an annual framework agreement with per-placement billing


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