The CDG Conseil team shares four core values: being in tune with our clients’ needs, creativity, empathy and a strong sense of responsibility.

1. Being in tune with our clients’ needs

We are available to our candidates and clients to listen to them and understand them so as to respond as effectively as possible to their expectations.

2. Creativity

We develop our partnership with the aim at each stage of finding solutions and advice tailored to our clients and respectful of our candidates.

3. Empathy

As professionals we show passion and curiosity towards others and we strive to contribute to the professional development of our candidates. Our relationship with our clients and candidates is based on trust and transparency.

4. A strong sense of responsibility

We all have a responsibility to offer our candidates and clients a high-quality service within a given time-frame, whilst complying with the rules of professional ethics specific to our profession. We follow an objective and constructive approach with each of our clients and candidates.

Promoting diversity

Charte de la diversitéSince its launch in October 2004, “la charte de la diversité has encouraged businesses to promote and respect diversity in their workforce. In signing it, CDG CONSEIL commits to fighting all forms of discrimination and to implementing a diversity policy.

Charity work

Main dans la MainThe charity “Main dans la Main aims to improve the quality of life of children in hospital. The presence of volunteers is essential for children so that they can escape the hospital environment and enter a dream world where they can thrive. The charity’s policy can be summed up in a nutshell: HIGH STANDARDS, RESPECT, TRAINING AND SUPPORT. In order to operate effectively, Main dans la Main relies on relationships based on trust between health professionals and volunteers. CDG Conseil’s support is twofold: the company makes a financial contribution and all staff members contribute time.