CDG Recruiting: specialist recruitment

CDG Recruiting: specialist recruitment

Managing the ‘traditional’ recruitment process from A-Z

Our Methodology

Stage 1: Analysing the environment

In-depth analysis of the environment (team, company, business sector, recruitment context) with the client.

Stage 2: Drawing up the job spec'

Drawing up the job spec’ and the profile your company is looking for.

Stage 3: Looking for candidates

CDG CONSEIL uses the most tailored and innovative tools to ‘sniff out’ candidates who are actively or passively on the look out.

Here are the various sources: CDG CONSEIL databases, web/press ads, ads on networking and referral sites, direct approach, web searches, use of professional networks. Depending on the type of research that we perform, and in agreement with you, we use all or some of these methods.

Stage 4: Short-listing candidates

Short-listing candidates (sorting CVs, assessing eligibility by telephone).

Stage 5: Evaluating candidates

Evaluation des candidats au cours d’un entretien individuel.

Stage 6: Processing applications

Processing and evaluating applications sent by the client.

Stage 7: Presenting candidates (shortlist)

Presenting candidates to the client (2 to 4) with an interview summary.

Stage 8: Checking the candidate's references

Checking the successful candidate’s references with previous and current employers, with the candidate’s approval.

Stage 9: Evaluation tool

Using a tool to evaluate behavior and skills with our partner.

Stage 10: Profile study

Studying the short-listed candidates’ on-line presence.

Stage 11: Drawing up the contract

Assistance in drawing up the contract.

Stage 12: Overseeing the candidate's induction

Overseeing the candidate’s induction during their probationary period.

Stage 13: Weekly report

Every week, a report is sent to the client showing how research is progressing.


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