Annual meeting for INRALS members, with CDG Conseil

INRALS: International Network of Recruitment Agencies in Life Sciences

Initiated in 2012, the International Network of Recruitment Agencies in Life Sciences provides a platform for international collaboration as well as informal exchange of know-how and experience.

In September 2013, CDG Conseil initiated a collaboration with recruitment agencies in Life Sciences, by means of INRALS. With this collaboration, each agency aims to support its clients in their international recruitments. It is important for agencies to work together because talent is limitless and the world is getting smaller, for applicants as well as for customers.

Companies associated with INRALS have strong links with pharmaceutical, medical and food industries. In the near future, each member will participate in international tenders, have quick access to an international network of recruitment and expertise in recruitment, selection and outsourcing.

INRALS Meeting

At the beginning of the month, the first INRALS meeting took place in Bruxelles.

Expansion with extra quality member agencies in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Canada, Turkey and South Africa is expected in 2014. The network thrives to be organized in an optimal way, so every country can offer recruitment, selection and outsourcing. The members made practical arrangements that enhance cooperation, sharing the concept and business development.

The legal constitution of the network is being explored and is expected to be concluded before July. Most imminent though is the trust that grew between member states. From trust cooperation arises, which is the ideal ground to flourish. In short: a great 2 days meeting where successes were celebrated and seeds for new success have been planted. Next meeting, scheduled in November, will take place in Barcelona.



To help you in your international recruitments, CDG Conseil is member of INRALS.

A nice bridge to an international career, an additional assurance that CDG Conseil can offer you.


For more information about INRALS :


CDG Conseil

CDG Conseil est un Cabinet de recrutement basé à Paris & Lyon spécialisé dans le domaine de la Santé médicale : Industrie Pharmaceutique & Dermo-cosmétique, Matériel Médical, Médico-Social et Sanitaire.

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